Class 1-2S

Autumn Term 2018



Welcome back! We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer.

This half term let’s get messy! Muck and mess is good. In fact, it’s mega-marvellous. Dive in and get your hands and feet all sticky and covered in paint. Play with liquids, squish some dough and check out the slushiest and mushiest foods.

Pour, mix, stir and splat! How does it feel to get your hands covered in goo? Write recopied, instructions, riddles and poems-there are loads of scrummy words to describe messy mixtures! Don’t worry about the mess….it’ll always wash off!

This term in maths we will be:

  • Learning about place value
  • Addition and subtractions
  • Number bonds

To help your child you can:

  • Do lots of counting in different steps and practise counting forwards and backwards from different numbers.
  • Look at different measures used in the home.
  • Add and subtract using different methods.

Home expectations:

  • Read at least 5 times a week
  • Complete your homework each week
  • Practise your phonics and tricky word key rings at least twice a week

In Art this year the children will be making models of famous London Landmarks and learning how to use different sketching techniques. For History they will be learning about the Great Fire of London and significant people such as; Mary Seacole and Emily Davidson.

Our Whole School ‘In it To Win It’ challenge for the children who are reading at least if not more than 5 times a week and is recorded in their reading records by an adult, homework is handed in on a Thursday and have their PE Kit in school for a Thursday.afternoon PE session, those children will gain a raffle ticket each week they accomplished these for a chance to win a prize, so please keep reading and supporting your child at home.  

We thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning, if you have any questions or concerns, we have an open door policy for you to speak with your child’s teacher or any other member of staff.

Please use the link below for our Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2018.pdf


Mrs Snaith

      and Mrs Shillito