Class F2 & Y1C


Summer Term 2018

Welcome back!  

We will be starting the summer term exploring capacity and water. We will be learning all about: life cycles, growth, healthy eating and animals. The children will be participating in lots of exciting activities which will develop their understanding of ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the world’. They will be involved in taking care of Esio Trot, our school tortoise.

This term we will also be celebrating healthy living week, where the children will enjoy lots of active and outdoor activities including planting beans.

They will also be given the opportunity to take part in lots of exciting activities such as; baking, sewing, retelling stories in our outdoor woodland area and taking part in many creative activities all planned around the children's interests.

Our home school links continue to be extremely strong! All of our parents are working with their child on their set targets and providing us with information regarding their child's achievements regularly.

Our Whole School ‘In it To Win It’ challenge (previously '3 strikes for a bike') for the children who are reading at least if not more than 5 times a week and is recorded in their reading records by an adult, homework is handed in on a Thursday and have their PE Kit in school for our Tuesday afternoon PE session, those children will gain a raffle ticket each week they accomplished these for a chance to win a prize, so please keep reading and supporting your child at home.  

We have an open door policy, if you wish to speak to us about anything then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to leave a comment for us at the bottom our page, where it will be gratefully received, thank you.

Any support, access to books, the internet and trips out will greatly enhance your child’s learning experience and engagement in the topics.  All seven areas of learning will be covered using this term's themes and following the children’s interests.


Mrs S Cronin

                         & Mrs Mjadzelics


 Please take the time to open the links below to follow our Curriculum and English and Maths PDFs to support your child at home with.

         EYFS CURICULUM EXPLAINED.docx               Summer Curriculum Map F2-Y1.pdf

                                                            info booklet F2        


tricky word flash cards.pdf             snakes and ladders.pdf                shape dominoes.pdf                     outdoor maths.pdf                      number cards.pdf

           MiniJollyPhonicsFlashcards.pdf              letter trace book.pdf                   large dice template.pdf                  game counters.pdf                                  

                                          100 high frequency words.pdf                           games for supporting your child at home with mathematics.pdf

Foundation Stage transition-policy.pdf


Friday 13th July 2018

A Theatre Production of Treasure Island


11th July 2018

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We all had a fun day out at the YWP, the sun was shining but not too hot.

The children enjoyed seeing the animals and watching the minibeast show.


Wednesday-Thursday 4th & 5th July 2018

Reception Transition Days

Pirate themed lessons throughout the days, ending with a dress-up  'Pirate Party' 


Sports Day 25th June 2018

 Challenge Friday 22nd June

Can you make a 'cup and ball game?


'In It To Win It'

Always Reward Winners

5 or more reads, PE, Homework in on Thursdays 96% or more attendance

'A day out at Lightwater Valley'

Evie, Matthew and John. Well Done!


Monday 18th June

Danny Butler visited our school with his Extreme Mountain Bike Show


Friday 15th June

Our Weekly Achievers

Summer, Elli, Amelia, John and Callum


Friday 8th June

Our Weekly Achievers

Natalia, Charlotte, Jonathan, Alec and William


Thursday 7th June

Our Super Spellers!

Well done to Joseph and Evie



Friday 25th May

Our Weekly Achievers

Jayden, Matthew, Elektra, Elli and Joseph


Friday 18th May

Our Weekly Achievers

Elektra, Jayden, Lillie-Mai, Alec and Auden


Friday 11th May

Our Weekly Achievers

Joseph, Evie, William, John and Matthew



The children came to school today and found the 'Evil Pea' had been in our school and taken all our fruit and vegetables.

A solution to this very upsetting news was the children's suggestion:

"We all make a SUPERTATO to try to protect our Fruit and Vegetables"

They spent some of our morning making their own Supertato and used speech bubbles for their SUPERTATO so the 'Evil Pea' would know how they all felt about him taking our fruit and vegetables.

They then placed a few around our school, Headteacher's office, School Office, KS2 fridge which holds their fruit and vegetables and our fruit and vegetable boxes in the Infant hall. The rest of the children placed theirs around our classroom 'just in case' 'Evil Pea' came back...



Friday 4th May

Girl Power to our Weekly Achievers

Elli, Amelia, Millie, Summer and Evie



Friday 27th April

Our Weekly Achievers

Deacon, Alec, William and Teigan

Well Done!


Making a Jam Sandwich

The children wrote a list of ingredients they needed to make a jam sandwich to buy from the shop

They all worked together to write the steps it took to make the jam sandwich

Using 'bossy' words - first, next, then, finally,they listed the 'instructions' on 'how to make their jam sandwich' and enjoyed eating their finished sandwich.


Our Second Visit to the Scawthorpe Community Library

The children had a chance to change their books and browse and read books from the Library shelves


GB Olympic swimmer James Kirton

Our class took part in a fitness circuit with James today, star jumping, sit-ups, press-ups, bench stepping and more...they had so much fun!


Friday 20th April

Our Weekly Achievers

Lillie-Mai, Summer, Natalia, Elektra and Joseph

Well Done!


Challenge Friday 20th April

The children were challenged to complete at least 3 of the set challengers by SuperTed

 Can you answer a question?  Design your own Dinosaur using shapes

    Graffiti Subtractions     Make a Dinosaur hat

Well done to you all for completing at least 3 challengers this week!


Wonderdome provided an amazing planetarium show that created a unique learning experience brought to our school

Inside the dome, there is specialised visual and audio equipment which projects onto the inside of the planetarium giving a 360-degree experience which is totally immersive. 

The children enjoyed the show immensely and had their photo taken in a rocket. 


Friday 13th April 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Maths - Tucker, Super Reader (24 times in the Easter break) - Evie,

Star of the Week - Jonathan, and Achiever of the week - Auden


Challenge Friday 13th April

Well Done Lillie-Mai for completing all your challenges today, writing sentences, building a Dinosaur cage using lego and extra addition sums using jumping on method on a number line!


Friday 23rd March 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

to the whole class for a fantastic trip to Sundown

Good Manners & Good Behaviour, Well Done!

Sundown Adventure Land

Thursday 22nd March 2018

What a fun day had by all. The sun was shining, the children very well behaved, we managed every ride with no queues.

Tractors, Water ride, Train ride, Robin Hood ride, Santa ride, a visit to the farm and a go on the Runaway train. We ended the day in the Adventure Play Area where the children had fun on the climbing equipment and slides. Then homeward bound and a little sleep for some!!


Easter Basket & Nests

The children enjoyed seeing what happens to chocolate when placed in a bowl over hot water.

They understand the reasoning behind 'changing state' turning solid into liquid and liquid back to a solid.

Each made themselves two Easter Nests and added a chick and chocolate eggs. Yum!! Yum!!


Friday 16th March

Our Weekly Achievers

Lillie-Mai, William, Evie, Joseph and Deacon


Our Visit to Scawthorpe Library

The children enjoyed their trip to our local Library, they found out about all the different kinds of books they could borrow. They had a look around the vast amount of books in the children's section, choosing one to take home and read. Finding out about the history of our local Library and when it was built, they enjoyed their experience, for some it was their first time.


'If children can be inspired at an early age by the excitement of finding knowledge and by works of the imagination, they are likely to benefit from these vital elements of personal development throughout their lives, both enriching themselves and enhancing their contribution to society'.


Friday 9th March 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Matthew, Charlotte, Millie, Natalia and Evie


Yum! Yum! Banana Splits!

Banana, squirty cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

The children made their treat after a fantastic week of learning.

Well done to you all.


Friday 2nd March 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Natalia, Elektra, Elli, Summer and Jonathan.



Our World Book Day costume winners are:

Evie for her 'Cruella de Vil' and John for his 'Body Book' 

Well done to you both!


We played ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Dominoes’ on our Challenge Friday, 2nd March

Turn taking is a vital factor in building positive relationships and social skills. Turn taking can be applied to many areas of development and does not only cover the sharing of toys.

Board games support children in taking turns and waiting for others. Simple games that require children to wait only a few minutes at a time are helpful in supporting children’s attention and listening.



World Book Day 

1st March 2018



Wednesday 28th February

At long last we have 'SNOW'

The children got suited and booted for a morning of 'FUN' in the snow

Catching snowflakes, throwing snowballs, making snow angels and helping build a snowman, then back inside to dry off and have hot chocolate and biscuits.



Suited and booted for fun in the snow

The children enjoyed making 'snow angels' and finding enough snow to throw snowballs.

Friday 23rd February 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Teigan, Estella, Deacon and Evie


John and Evie celebrated their Duckling 1 Swimming Awards

Both children had to swim with 1 or 2 armbands to achieve their award

Well done to you both


Zero the Hero 100th Birthday Celebrations

The class took part in a fun day filled with Maths and Superhero activities

Our class 'Show and Tell' session have children bringing in things they do at home to share with the class.

John had made a rocket from old boxes painted and decorated.

Evie made 'The Gruffalo' from air drying clay

Well done to you both 


Friday 9th February 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Charlotte, Millie, William, Auden and Elli


Friday 2nd February 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Tucker, Natalia, Millie, Summer and Elli


Friday 26th January 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Milly, Teigan, Deacon, Estrella and Evie



Expressive Arts and Design involves supporting children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through a variety of activities in art.

The children enjoyed painting their favourite 'Toy Story' Character on to clingfilm wrapped around the table legs.

Can you guess which character they painted?

Friday 19th January 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Lillie-Mae, Callum, John, Matthew and Elli

Friday 12th January 2018

Our Weekly Achievers!

Teigan, John, Alec and Charlotte

For 5 or more reads, plus the half term required reads, her PE Kit every week and completing all her homework!

And the WINNER of the Autumn Term £100 award is...

***** Elektra Kerr *****




 Beauty and the Beast

Doncaster CAST Theatre 

What a fantastic time had by all!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and behaved impeccably.


We had a visit from Santa!

He asked all the children if they had been good, they all said 'yes'

He gave them all an early Christmas present and wished them a safe and Merry Christmas x


Friday 15th December

Our Achievement Winners!

Matthew, Elektra, Summer and John


Friday 8th December

Our Achievement Winners!

Pixie-Rae, Callum, Joseph and Evie



Friday 1st December

Our Achievement Winners!

Alec, Tucker, Auden, Elli & Summer


 Our Children investigated water as a liquid and a solid and found that this experiment is reversible in our Science lesson.

They used salt, sugar, warm water and cold water to see which melted the ice the quickest.

Some children used frozen water, salt and watercolours to create a rainbow. Understanding that salt can cause crevices in the ice and painting on watercolours that ran through the block of ice where the salt had melted it.

We used coloured ice cubes and mixed together two colours and to try to predict what colour the two together would create.

How can we release ‘frozen toys’ from containers? The children used warm water and different tools to release the toy from their ice tombs to see which was the most effective.

As you can see, the children had lots of fun with this experiments


Friday 24th November

Our Achievement Winners!

Pixie-Rae, Elektra, Alec, Teigan & Millie


Friday 17th November

Our Achievement Winners!

Callum, Charlotte, John, Lillie-Mae & Elli


Friday 10th November

Our Achievement Winners!

Joseph, Natalia, Pixie-Rae, Millie and Summer!


Our Christmas Nativity

The Sleepy Shepherd

Song 1 - Woolly Sheep

Song 2 - Sleepy Shepherd

Song 3 - One Starry Night

Song 4 - Would you like to come with me?

Song 5 - Under a Star

Song 6 - Bumpy Road

Song 7 - Wake Up, Wake Up!


26th October

We had fun at our Halloween Fancy Dress Ball


23rd October

Parents and carers joined us to a crafty Halloween themed workshop


Friday 20th October

Our Achievement Winners!

John, Deacon, Millie, Matthew, Charlotte and Callum


Friday 13th October

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to William, Charlotte, Estrella, Alec and Electra


Friday 6th October

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to Deacon, Estrella, Amelia, Millie and Matthew


Friday 6th October

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to Charlotte, Teigan, Tucker, Summer and Deacon


Friday 29th  September

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to our Reader- Elektra, Maths - Tucker, Achiever - Charlotte, Star of the Week- William and Lunchtime Award- Estrella


Our Participation in

Active Fusion

Thursday 28th September

The children worked their way around the different sporting events   


Challenge Friday

We challenge our children to independently do the activities we have covered throughout the week.

  1. Matching Bananas to numbers then cutting the correct amount of pieces to match the number.
  2. Writing CVC words, encouraging to sound out the letters then blend to write the word.
  3. Counting objects in to numbered plant pots.
  4. Design your own Superhero masks and cut it out.
  5. Using paint and a cotton bud, write the numbers to 10.
  6. Match the correct number of objects to the number tile. 
  7. thread the correct amount of pipe cleaners in to the colander to match the number card.  

Each child with at least 2 challenges completed earned a sticker and a spot on their Superhero  


 Friday 22nd September

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to our Achiever - Joseph, lunch time award - Summer, Reader - Natalia,

Maths - Jonathan, Star of the Week - Matthew 


Friday 15th September

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to our Star of the week - Charlotte, Achiever - Evie,

Reader - Summer, Maths - John and Lunch time award - Alec.


Our 1st P.E lesson with Mr Rossi


Friday 8th September

Our Achievement Winners!

Well done to our Star of the week - Deacon, Achiever - John,

Reader - Charlotte, Maths - Callum, PE - Millie and Lunch time award - Matthew.



Transition Week

The children enjoyed taking part on our 'Pirate' themed week, meeting new friends, finding buried treasure, making Pirate hats, having a party and much much more.




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Gemma (Charlotte's mummy)(less than a year ago)

Teachers are very pleasant, make you feel welcome and supportive. Charlotte has settled into this class lovely. She really has progressed amazing. Over the moon with how quickly she is learning things. Constantly seeing the results each day. Thank you so much!!

Charlie Taylor's Grandad(a couple of years ago)

Charlie enjoyed the library visit and has asked if he can go again. I really enjoyed the visit as well and as always it's a pleasure to take part in Charlie's school activities keep up the great work thank you

Kerri-ann (Paiges mummy)(a couple of years ago)

The circus looked amazing. I heard all about it from Paige, she really enjoyed it. Keep on having fun and working hard you fabulous little people.

Kerri -ann (Paige's mummy)(a couple of years ago)

Great pics!! looks like you all had a brilliant time at Sundown, wish I could have gone! The craft morning/afternoons were fantastic, really enjoyed getting involved. A huge well done to all pupils and teachers on everything you have done so far, like the bike ride and christmas productions. Excited to see what you have for us in 2016.

Charlie Taylors Grandad(a couple of years ago)

Looks like you all enjoyed the trip. Keep up the great work, our Charlie has really come on since he's been in your class, really appreciate everything your all doing for him