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Autumn 1- Marvelous me

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new children and parents in to F2. We are excited about getting to know you all and have planned lots of exciting learning and activities for this term.

The topic for this half term is ‘Marvelous Me’. We are going to begin by sharing pictures of ourselves from when we were a baby. Were you cute? Did you have chubby cheeks? You might even be able to see pictures of the staff!  We will also be learning about our body parts and our five senses and how we use our senses for lots of different reasons.

In science we will be learning songs to help us remember our body parts and using our senses to explore the world around us.  We will be taking part in lots of exciting activities such as; helping Winnie the Witch to mix colours to make a new cloak, learning about the seasons, baking and learning French.

PE will be on Tuesday afternoons. Children are expected to bring their PE kit each week and leave it in school until the end of the week. Children will be given a Topic homework menu, where you need to pick at least one activity per week and any additional work will be further rewarded with a spot on their own personalised Super Hero. When the children get six spots they can choose a prize.  They need to read at least five times a week to achieve the ‘In it to Win Reward’ half termly and at the end of the year the ‘Always Trip’.


We are looking forward to getting to know you all!

Mrs S Cronin

                         & Mrs Mjadzelics


We have an open door policy, if you wish to speak to us about anything then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to leave a comment for us at the bottom our page, where it will be gratefully received, thank you.

Any support, access to books, the internet and trips out will greatly enhance your child’s learning experience and engagement in the topics.  All seven areas of learning will be covered using this term's themes and following the children’s interests.


 Please take the time to open the links below to follow our Curriculum and English and Maths PDFs to support your child at home with.

         EYFS CURICULUM EXPLAINED.docx                Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2018.pdf

                                                            info booklet F2        


tricky word flash cards.pdf             snakes and ladders.pdf                shape dominoes.pdf                     outdoor maths.pdf                      number cards.pdf

           MiniJollyPhonicsFlashcards.pdf              letter trace book.pdf                   large dice template.pdf                  game counters.pdf                                  

                                          100 high frequency words.pdf                           games for supporting your child at home with mathematics.pdf

Foundation Stage transition-policy.pdf



Our Weekly Achievers

Friday 12th October

Well Done!


Yorkshire Ambulance came to visit

The children had the chance to explore the Ambulance 

dress as a nurse or doctor, check on the patient on the stretcher

check temperatures, heart rates and give injections

 Our Weekly Achievers

Friday 5th October

Well Done!


Our Weekly Achievers

Friday 28th September

Well Done!



Our Weekly Achievers

Friday 21st September

Well Done!


Our Weekly Achievers

Friday 14th September

Well Done!


Friday 7th September 2018

Our Weekly Achievers

Awarded to the whole class for settling in well to a new routine.

For helping each other in work and play and having a super three days. 


Our 1st Day in Reception

What a fantastic first day we had, all the Children settled in very well to their new routines.

We started the day learning the letter 'S'

  • can we say the sound?
  • can you write the correct letter formation?

Fruit and milk before we headed outside for continuing Provision. The children chose what they wanted to do.

  • Driving the car
  • Riding the bikes
  • Sailing in the boat
  • Making mud pies in the kitchen
  • Playing house in the Home Corner
  • Using the chalks
  • Water Play and many things more

We practiced our Number formation of 3 & 5

We drew a family portrait of the people who are important to us and taken them home to show our families.

We all finished the day with a story



Transition Days

July 2018


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Gemma (Charlotte's mummy)(about a year ago)

Teachers are very pleasant, make you feel welcome and supportive. Charlotte has settled into this class lovely. She really has progressed amazing. Over the moon with how quickly she is learning things. Constantly seeing the results each day. Thank you so much!!

Charlie Taylor's Grandad(a couple of years ago)

Charlie enjoyed the library visit and has asked if he can go again. I really enjoyed the visit as well and as always it's a pleasure to take part in Charlie's school activities keep up the great work thank you

Kerri-ann (Paiges mummy)(a couple of years ago)

The circus looked amazing. I heard all about it from Paige, she really enjoyed it. Keep on having fun and working hard you fabulous little people.

Kerri -ann (Paige's mummy)(a couple of years ago)

Great pics!! looks like you all had a brilliant time at Sundown, wish I could have gone! The craft morning/afternoons were fantastic, really enjoyed getting involved. A huge well done to all pupils and teachers on everything you have done so far, like the bike ride and christmas productions. Excited to see what you have for us in 2016.

Charlie Taylors Grandad(a couple of years ago)

Looks like you all enjoyed the trip. Keep up the great work, our Charlie has really come on since he's been in your class, really appreciate everything your all doing for him