Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Summer Term-2018

There is a commotion in the ocean!

We are going to dive deep in to the ocean to see what it is all about! We are hoping to find different sorts of sea creatures that lives beneath the sea! We will be exploring how they live and what they do, even those in between the rocks hiding from me!

We will be jiggling through our letter sounds in phonics- just like those jellyfish and we are bound to find those items that match their correct initial and end sound!

We will then dig deep in to the water to see the most amazing creatures that you could ever meet! They are going to help us with our numbers in maths.

We have had a special visit in our classroom and we are now going to be looking after some frog spawn! We will watch it grow and make sure we take good care of it!

What a lot of creatures we will see beneath the sea! We will be seeing all of the funny things that they might do! Let’s hope they don’t swim to get me!

Thank you for your continued support, encouraging your child to complete their targets and continuing to celebrate their achievements in their ‘Magical Me’ books.

We have an open door policy, if you wish to speak to us about anything then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to leave a comment for us at the bottom our page, where it will be gratefully received, thank you.

 Please take a look at our curriculum map below to see what your child will be learning about throughout the term.

nursery curriculum map summer term.pdf



Mrs Hodgson

& Mrs Gurnhill



Summer 2


Star of the Week

Leeanna 13.07.18


Star of the Week

Evie 06.07.18


Star of the Week

Franklyn 29.06.18


Wednesday June 27th

Our Sports Morning 


Star of the Week

Jensen 22.06.18


Star of the Week

Nikah 15.06.18


Star of the Week

Henry 08.06.18


Summer 1


Star of the Week

Caelan 25.05.18


Star of the Week

Talilah 18.05.18


Star of the Week

Jack 10.05.18


Star of the Week

Kelly 04.05.18


Star of the Week

Jack 27.04.18


Star of the Week

Isaac 20.04.18


Star of the Week

Declyn 13.04.18


Spring 2

Star of the Week!


Well done Viktor!


Star of the Week!


Well done Michalina!


Star of the Week!


Well done Ava!


Star of the Week!


Well done Kian!



World Book Day

1at March 2018


Star of the Week!


Well done Evie!


Spring 1


Star of the Week!


Well done James!


Star of the Week!


Well done Sophie Grace!


Star of the Week!


Well done Yashiu!


Star of the Week!


Well done Rosie!


Star of the Week!


Well done Alex!


Autumn 2


Star of the Week!


Well done Jenson!


Star of the Week!


Well done Maisie!


Foundation Stage 1

Christmas Nativity 

Our First Christmas Play

Song 1 - Our First Christmas Play

Song 2 - Ready to Go

Song 3 - Forgetful Santa

Song 4 - Christmas Dinner

Song 5 - Christmas Tree

Song 6 - Santa's Coming Our Way


Star of the Week!


Well done Tyler!


Star of the Week!


Well done Ruby!


Star of the Week!


Well done George!


Thank you for all of you who have took part in our scavenger hunt! It was a huge success!


Star of the Week!


Well done Isaac!

Autumn 1

Star of the Week!


Well done Kayla!


Star of the Week!


Well done Talilah!


Star of the Week!


Well done Maisie!


Star of the Week!


Well done Sophie!


Star of the Week


Well Done Darcii!



Star of the Week!


Well done Esme!


Star of the Week!


Well done Victoria!


Star of the Week!


Well done Kelly!



Transition week

The nursery children took part in various activities in the week for transition. Our theme was 'Pirates'. They made Pirate booklets, treasure maps, had a Pirate party and hunted in our outdoor learning areas to find a chest of treasure.








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Mrs Joanne cowling(a couple of years ago)

I am wondering if you still do the book club where the children bring the leaflets home with the books in. That you can buy as my daughter megan would this. Mrs Cowling, we will pass on your comment and see if we can look into having this for next year, we will keep you updated if this is possible, from the Foundation Team.